Why writer's conferences are so much fun!

Where to begin? The speakers, the presentations, the late night critique sessions, so much of the Southern California Writer's Conference was outstanding. And what about the great lectures where you realize, maybe you need to rethink that opening scene of your novel one more time. The amazing, not to mention friendly and supportive people there. And I am not just talking about the folks in the hotel bar. Seriously, if you have not attended one before, do a google find one near you (I drove for four hours to get to mine) and GO!


Heather Rae said...

Link - nice blog! I'm curious, how did you put the 'read more' button on your blog entry? I've been wanting to do that with mine.

Link Miller said...

Hey heather! Actually, it is part of the blog setting/set up screen. It will appear on all of your blog posts if you select it. how goes the writing?

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